Buff & Flo Yoga - About Us

Inside Our Studios

Buff & Flo has two studio spaces located on the 2nd floor in one of Orchard Park’s beautiful downtown historic buildings. The original hard wood floors were restored from 1927 to bring the authenticity of the space back to life. With large windows of natural light, the consciously designed spaces are filled with thoughtful amenities. Each studio has built in sound proof walls with plenty of space including elevated platforms for our teaching staff to utilize during classes. We know not everyone likes their classes heated, which is exactly why we built one studio featuring heated options and one without. Empowering you to chose the classes and styles you want.

We were inspired to construct a space with convenience and comfort so you can effortlessly come to your class or classes with ease and purpose. From our fully lined wall of hooks for your clothing and coats, to shoe spaces and 2 changing room areas for those wanting to store their personal belongings, we’ve put thought into every square foot so you can step into our world with contentment.

We supply blocks, straps and bolsters. Mats are available for purchase in our front room shop, when in stock.   Additional equipment for specific classes provided can be found inside the studios. All you need to bring is a water bottle, a yoga mat when applicable (see class descriptions) and our recommendation of wearing fitted work out clothes, ones that wick moisture are best!

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